This page contains links to support files for LXVII, including older versions that can no longer be made available through the Mac App Store. Here you can also find links to documentation for the original HP-67 calculator. LXVII strives to be compatible with the HP-67, except for those cases where it can improve on the HP-67 without losing compatibility. For information about where LXVII differs from the HP-67, please see the built-in help system in LXVII.

The link below downloads the latest version of LXVII for computers running versions 10.12 (Sierra) and later.

The version is signed and validated by Apple, but if you are running later versions of macOS we recommend downloading the version from the Mac App Store to take advantage of automatic update notifications.


Download the original HP-67 Owner's Handbook in PDF format for an in-depth introduction to the HP-67. It describes not only the capabilities of the HP-67, but gives many examples for using and programming it.

HP-67 Owner's Handbook


The HP-67 Quick Reference Card managed to cram all of the common usage onto a foldable, laminated card that fit in the HP-67 carry case. It is reproduced here in PDF form, as seperate pages, so no folding necessary.

The HP-67 introduced some fairly advanced technologies in it's time. The card lists, but does not explain them, so the card is most useful if you are already familiar with the workings of the calculator.

HP-67 QuickReference Card


Please Note: The HP-67 Owner's Manual and Quick Reference Card documents were provided to us by a user of LXVII. (Thank you!) We're sure they are available on the Internet somewhere, but don't know their exact origin.

As far as we know, their only copyright owner is Hewlett-Packard Corp. If you are the person who went through the considerable effort to digitize the documents and would like us to acknowledge you work, (or remove it from this page,) please contact us and we'll do so.